Bad Ischl


Wonderfully original.
Typically austrian.

Imperial meeting place in the center of Salzkammergut Lake District. .
The historic facade of the Kongress & TheaterHaus bears witness to the glamorous tradition of a fashionable spa. The unique combination of an idyllic setting and a cosmopolitan spirit accounts for an unparalleled charming venue.

Conveniently situated close to major road, rail and air links, surrounded by mountains and deep blue lakes, Bad Ischl literally marks the geographical center of Austria.

Once discovered by the Austro-Hungarian monarch Franz-Josef and his lovely bride "Sisi", the fashionable spa Bad Ischl became the imperial family's summer residence.

Today, it is the perfect choice for those who want to combine business and leisure.

Within walk distance you will find the historical town center well equipped with show-stopping event locations, recreational spas and competitively priced accomodations alongside with cozy cafés, bars and excellent restaurants.


Scene of world history.

In 1870 Bad Ischl became more and more important as spa town. Therefore enough space for cultural and social events was imperative necessary.

That was the reason for the municipality to buy the domain named "Pfifflerlingfeld" in 1872 and to engage the architect Hyazinth Michel as a planner for the congress center. The opening of the congress center took place on the 30th May 1875.

As the imperial family's summer residence, Bad Ischl became the center of the danube monarchy during the summer months. Elite people of art and science met in Bad Ischl and therefore solemnly concerts and cheerful balls took place at the congress center.

Due to the first world war, no events took place in the congress center. In the 1920s the master of the Viennese operetta visited Bad Ischl and had their best ideas right here.

During the second world, Bad Ischl was mainly used as a military hospital. Twelve years after the end of the second world was the congress center got rebuilt to the new necessary standards.

On the 25th February 1965 a major fire ruined nearly the whole congress center. The only room that escaped the major fire was the theater hall. The reconstruction of the building was terminated on the very same day. The facade of the remaining enclosing walls and the domed roof was likely to be rebuilt to the old building.

In the years between 1997 and 1999 the congress center has been renovated with a total outlay of € 15 mio. The historic facades got completely extant.  

The interiors have been redesigned in a contemporary and generous form.

On the 11th July 1999 the reopening - and renaming to Kongress & TheaterHaus Bad Ischl - took place with the performance of the operetta "Paganini".

Each year an average of 120 events with a total amoung of around 60.000 visitors and participants take place at the congress center.

The various events include scientific and medical congresses, corporate meetings and product presentations as well as the performances of the Lehár Festivals Bad Ischl, other cultural events, balls and events of local clubs.

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